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Thursday, November 02, 2006

apparent blender game engine bugs

Seems that messages never make it.

python is always one line off

"SystemError: errror return without exception set" in one instance meant naming conflict among actuators. Also can mean you called "addActiveActuator" on an edit object actuator without the values filled in, or it has the wrong values filled in.

MouseOverAny apparently does not LIKE clicking on "square" planes. Very weird. Weird. It also dislikes accepting clicks over circles.

seems also that if the starting mesh is a circle then if you change the mesh later it won't help it with 'mouse over' sensors. Hmm. It appears that 'mouse over' only uses the 'original' mesh for size, for the mouse over sensor. Curious.

Bug with Blender must be that it does not ask you to save, at all, when you exit. A little frustrating! I think it might save


Roger Pack said...

linv and angv in the motion actuator don't work--at least I thought they didn't, but in reality they do if you make it an actor+dynamic. Then they work. My bad.

Roger Pack said...

clicking on square planes does work, but I needed a face there.

Roger Pack said...

The only things that actually work, of IPO's, in the GE, are (from GE book): MEsh objects: loc, rot, size, col. Lamps: loc, rot, RGB, Energy. Cameras: Loc, Rot, Lens, ClipSta, ClipEnd.