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Friday, January 19, 2007

throttling with apache

So it appears that there is no "good" throttler for apache 2.x -- mod_cband only allows a max of 123 KB/s or something like that--at least on the LAN, so I think this probably means that it is just too slow for large loads, and I cannot see another good throttler for apache 2.x

So we go ahead and use apache 1.3.x
Unfortunately this means that when you install apacche 1.3.x you need to install ./configure --enable-module=so (installs mod_so) so that you can THEN compile/use mod_throttle (found at

how to setup ssh to not prompt with planetlab

so with planetlab typically it has these 600 hosts and for each one, the first time you ssh into it, it prompts you if you want to accept that one's identification key.
To get rid of this:
to ~/.ssh/config

see the docs at "man ssh_config" which was were it was found.