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Thursday, November 02, 2006

what I wish blender had

An 'add object to this object' actuator--let's just add something :-) Ok maybe that is infeasible, but I could have used it.

I wish "controller" and "owner" and "import GameLogic" were pre-instantiated, for every script so we don't have to have them at the top of every file. This would also make some intuitive sense. It might not be as efficient, tho. But, then again--we're using python so in reality efficiency is not priority number one, so perhaps it's okay.

Message Actuator "getMessage" "getsubject"

"getfiringactuator that fired this script" (either that or divorce the combination logic from the middle column...)

Rasterizer could use 'getmouseposition'

flexible IPO's

from mouse actuators "get actual x, y given some fixed z" (like translate into blender coords this x, y)

on creating an object, being able to give it a position

kx_networkmessageactuator has no ".name" ugh

I wish there were a way to get to *every* actuator. It makes sense that it should be possible. That would make things so much nicer! Like object.getActuator. That would be so nice. Bypass that gui stuff!

A function "does such and such a mesh exist?"

IPO should have a bool "am I still firing?" "am I live?" also each object should have a bool "am I under the influence of some IPO right now?" (since it can only have one at a time), and perhaps a method "stop whatever other ipo you have! " so that it can be replaced with others.

Also a "get current frame number" call would be nice, of the IPO playing.

The property panel should use an "x" to be consistent with the rest of the world :-)

copy and paste with the operating system?

actuators don't have getname? that is ... interesting... they are accessed by name, so I guess it makes sense for them not to have names, but what ever :-)

when you create objects, you can't seem to tell it "create it right HERE" with this velocity -- well maybe you could but I don't know how. Oh well.

if youhave two actuators with the same name attached to a python script (from two different objects) then the return value from "get actuator(schizonamed") is undefined.


Roger Pack said...

Also a 'debug' script running mode--like 'start script x, exit script x' when it does run them, so you don't have to write the same at the top and end of every script, when you want it to be in debugging mode.

Roger Pack said...

It is possible to change the mesh and position of any arbitrary object, however--without having access to their actuators, so that is nicely flexible. You just 'setposition' and 'setmesh.' on the object. Done as if it were an actuator, except probably more efficiently :-)

Roger Pack said...

oops except you can't change meshes arbitrarily--I was wrong!

Roger Pack said...

wish it had auto-save (and prompted to save)

Roger Pack said...

ipo's "actuatorName.isCurrentlyActive()"

Roger Pack said...

add a "point" when in mesh mode. ahh

Roger Pack said...


Roger Pack said...

I wish there were a "find object" function. Just highlights a certain object.