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Friday, November 17, 2006

Merging converging

Well, this is officially my first blog post ever. I feel like Captain Picard discovering a new galaxy...

So file merging in Blender isn't everything we want it to be. I went ahead and separated our two main scenes into two separate files, then created a new file with the two scenes merged using File->Append.
Good News: When a scene is deleted, its library goes with it. This means that the merge didn't cause any library/object conflicts (we may see some if the same objects are used in multiple scenes).
Bad News: Actuators that move between scenes break when you separate the scenes. If a given scene doesn't exist, the variable is clobbered in the actor pane (i.e., SCE: Navigation goes blank because it can't see the scene Navigation).
Possible workarounds:
-Fix it every time we merge, or
-instead of deleting the scene we aren't touching, have a total of three copies of the same file. Two are the working copies of the two scenes we will be working on, the third is a manually merged version. To do this merge, we'd create a new blender file and append the two scenes from the other two files. But no, this would still lack the second scene at some point, so that doesn't work. hmmm.....


Roger Pack said...

So...I ran into the same shtuff you did, and had to do the following changes to make it work:
It seems that with some meshes in the "GameUnit layer2" if there are other existing meshes (mesh clashes) then they will rename themselves. This is bad. If they do so it means that sometimes no object exists that has a given mesh (because they conflict with a mesh that just "exists in never never land" -- which I don't entirely understand how that occurs, but it does--some of them linger on).
So the fix is to actually search around, by hand, for conflicts in that layer. I can't think of another easy way. This then allows for "created" instances of the meshes that we WANT (not the older copies of them kicking around). Some other tips to help with merging were:

1) take either GU or Navigation and then delete the other one. Then save it as a temp file. Then add the missing scene. This prevents LOADS of conflicts.

Then re-link all scene actuators. There may be subtle other bugs, but it seemed to work eventually. Good luck!

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