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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

how to flip normals/invert them

go to edit mode (intuitively enough) and then w, invert


Roger Pack said...

jdpfplus (12:58:01 PM): anyway. the answer is:rogerdpack (12:58:15 PM): drum rolljdpfplus (12:58:46 PM): F9 in edit mode. click Draw Normalsjdpfplus (12:58:52 PM): in button windowjdpfplus (12:59:25 PM): use slider above draw normals to increase normal size.rogerdpack (12:59:31 PM): sweetrogerdpack (12:59:32 PM): thanksjdpfplus (12:59:43 PM): FYIjdpfplus (12:59:56 PM): the game engine is under construction by erwin and othersrogerdpack (1:00:09 PM): okjdpfplus (1:00:04 PM): so it will not compile properly right nowrogerdpack (1:00:13 PM): ohrogerdpack (1:00:18 PM): so don't try the latest build then, eh?rogerdpack (1:00:20 PM): sounds goodrogerdpack (1:00:24 PM): I wonder what they're working on...jdpfplus (1:00:29 PM): current "dev" releases will not have player or ge supportrogerdpack (1:00:40 PM): ohjdpfplus (1:00:37 PM): erwin is putting in bullet2rogerdpack (1:00:48 PM): the releases before that seem to work pretty welljdpfplus (1:00:45 PM): revised bulletrogerdpack (1:00:52 PM): they work at least rogerdpack (1:00:53 PM): gotcharogerdpack (1:00:55 PM): should be nicerogerdpack (1:01:00 PM): bullet has to be non trivial, that's for surerogerdpack (1:01:02 PM): tons of work

Anonymous said...

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